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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An Alternate Federal Budget Plan

Stolen from Radio Derb:

You want a budget proposal? We've got one. Here are some real spending cuts for you. Herewith the radio Derb 2012 budget proposal.

1.Raise Social Security eligibility age to 75 immediately.

2.Stop government funding for any medical procedure not available in 1975. (These first two proposals are collectively known as the 75-75 entitlement reform.) Look, things were OK in 1975. Most people lived as long as they wanted to.

3.Ban all Medicaid to non-citizens, including all members of all households headed by non-citizens.

4.Abolish the IRS. Replace with flat national sales tax.

5.Immediately repatriate all military personnel based overseas other than embassy guards and those supporting naval ports of call in friendly nations.

6.Secure the nation's borders and expel all illegal residents.

7.Cut legal immigration from the current nearly two million to the 23,500 recommended on the Comprehensive Immigration Reduction website,

8.Shut down the following federal departments: Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Veterans' Affairs, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, Homeland Security. Where necessary, transfer essential functions to other departments, e.g. veterans' affairs to Defense. Heck, shut down the Department of Agriculture, too. If it can be proved to perform any useful functions, which I doubt, transfer them to the Department of Commerce. Agriculture's a form of commerce, isn't it?

9.End all foreign aid. Reduce all embassy establishments by eighty percent, and close all consulates. If Johnny Turk wants a U.S. visa, let him go to his capital city for it.

10.Abrogate all treaties with Indian tribes and sell their reservation lands back to them at one dollar per square mile. Sorry about Wounded Knee and so on, but it's time you were just citizens like the rest of us. If U.S. citizenship isn't good enough for you, go find some other country to live in.

11.Shut down the Justice Department office of Civil Rights. They are nothing but sowers of discord. Everybody in the U.S.A. has full civil rights. We have a black president, for crying out loud.

All right, I'm getting into some non-budget-critical stuff there, but you get the idea. We have way, way too much government, and most of it does nothing but cause trouble. If Belgium can cope without government, so can we. Or do you want to tell me we're less capable than Belgians? Of course you don't.


Anonymous Sweet Pea said...

That is so funny yet pretty much on target. We're in a sad state. The Republicans don't have the guts to do the heavy work.

7:51 PM  

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