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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thank you, you tax-raising, socialist pole smoker.

For completely screwing up the student loan industry when your retarded drones rammed your federal healthcare takeover through last year.

Prior to you idiots taking the interest generated by student loans and counting that as an offset to the healthcare monstrosity, we had a single company that was handling all our loans. I made one payment per month on one website and it was well set up and easy to keep track of.

Since I handle the bills, I made sure the payments went through properly.

Since you communists took over, I now have three different loan handlers. Each with their own website, none of which are even remotely similar.

One of the sites works very well. It is obviously maintained by someone who has been in the banking industry.

The second site isn't as good as the first, but at least I can navigate it so that it makes sense.

The third, is the full monty run by a new federal agency.

The site is a travesty. It was designed by a cubical troll who has probably never had a lemonade stand never mind had to pay recurring bills online.

There are three loans with that idiotic site. You can't see an aggregate, only a list showing the individuals. You can pay as aggregate, but the payments are not divided between the loans based on any formula that involves mathematics. If you go to each loan individually you can do what it says is specify how much to pay towards each. The money still seems to get split in a random fashion.

And here are the two things that caused me the latest grief:

First, none of the payments made have the correct date associated with them. The payment dates always are the same and they are the inception date of the loan, so if I make the same payment every month, I just get a list of useless numbers that tell me nothing if I want to see where my money is going.

Second, every other loan I've ever had, including the three other student loans with the other companies applies the payment to interest first and then to principle. These other dipshits do it backwards, so the principle goes down but the accrued interest total only rises. I have no idea how to decipher what the fuck I'm paying these fools.

So, I sent them an email from the site with these questions. They promptly locked the account and said since I wasn't the borrower, I shouldn't have access.

I can't wait until Mrs. Evil gets through with the cretins tomorrow.

Fuck the government. Maybe someone can release Ebola in DC.


Anonymous Sweet Pea said...

I hope Mrs. Evil can find out how that last loan works out. Seems to me that if you're paying the principle first, the interest is accruing on a smaller amount,then you should be paying less interest in the long run. But you really do have to see the figures. Sounds very odd. Like something a neophyte like me would set up! I'm very curious about the explanation Mme Malveillante will receive.

7:45 AM  

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