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Friday, April 13, 2012

Didja Ever Start Something and Wish You Hadn't?

So I power washed the front of the house and then went to the store for some paintable caulking. I gummed it up nice and figureds I'd let it dry until tomorrow before painting it.

After mowing the lawn, I figured I'd pull the small section of rot in the back down to see what I had to do back there. I'd have it buttoned up before sundown.

Turns out, the only thing holding any of the wood in the back of the house together was what little paint was left. They same stupid spaced out building practice although it does the same as the front and the ends are set properly. I can salvage about 16' of soffit but everything else needs to be replaced.

So, I've made my list of stuff and will be hitting Lowes in the morning. After I get back, I'm going to string the joist ends to see if there is a problem there. Maybe that will allow me to put it back together without so many waves.


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