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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fuel Mileage Test

Since picking Berniece's 2010 Honda Civic EX automatic coupe up from her in Sacramento last year and driving it back to LA via US 50, I've driven it a bit, but have never really been impressed with the economy of the little car. I seem to recall that her 2004 Civic 5spd coupe could pull 45 mpg all day long but this little car seemed to only want to be in the mid 30's.

I've driven it to work for the last week to make sure that everything is working and nothing has failed over the year of storage. beyond cleaning a spot of corrosion off the brake light switch, everything appears to be perfect.

I decided to do an apples to apples comparison to my Strat, so I topped up the tank and drove as closely as possible to how I normally drive the Strat.

Just gassed up the car. 577.5 miles on 13.261 gallons of gas for a whopping 43.55 MPG. I did not hypermile the car at all, the only thing I did is not use the A/C and not drive over 65 mph. If it was a manual, I could've easily gotten another 3-5mpg out of it by coasting.

Would someone tell me why anyone would want the extra expense and complexity of a damned hybrid?


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