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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Speaking of Racial Conceit

Now. Listening to the media's attempts to turn the Liberation of Iraq into my generation's VietNam, I'm starting to get the feeling that there is a bit of, (pardon the gracelessness), "He who smelt it, dealt it" going on.

What would be said if any conservative, even Clarence Thomas, made a statement like, "I don't believe that black people as a race are incapable of learning for themselves like white people do."? The Main Stream Media would drum that person right into the realm that Robert Bork currently inhabits.

Now, in that previous statement, replace the word "black" with "Arab" and replace the words "learning for" with "governing". This is what the MSM is saying to all Middle Eastern peoples by their constant hammering of the Bush administration and its handling of Iraq. They are looking to create another (this time world-wide) class of victims that will be forever attached to their leash. (And seeing how some liberals are trying to enfranchise illegals, how long before the democratic national committee charters a container ship to ship all of those poor, unfortunate, backward, incapable of any government except rule by a iron fist Middle-easterners to the dole lists in "swing-states"?

Is this how the liberals see the current underclass in America? As a group that is unable to control its appetites, respect authority, and progress to the point of self-destiny? It would seem so given their enormous resistance to any type of reasonable welfare reform.

Why the resistance? Because once people stop receiving handouts and start working for their money, they realize that taxes suck and then start voting republican.


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