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Monday, May 02, 2011

Death of a Playboy

The media has confirmed it. Obama has declared Mission Accomplished for taking care of Osama all on his own. Even down to strangling the last bit of goat-raping life out of his body with his own two hands.

Burial at sea is actually code for "Dumped into a Hog lagoon in South Carolina". The body was surreptitiously wrapped in bacon for transport to reduce the possibility that a Zombie Osama, (not to be confused with a Zombie Obama, (I mean who could tell? Really...? I think they've already got Biden.))might rise up and release a video telling of his having been horribly abused by being made to form a human pyramid with his guards while dressed only in tighty-whities.


Seriously, though. Wonderful that our fine military personnel and intelligence community were able to put this one together and bag the big one. I don't quite understand the celebrations, though. I'm still firmly in the Ann Coulter circa 2001 camp, "Invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity."

If all we're going to do as a nation is station our children to die for nothing in hostile countries while molly-coddling politically connected thugs who wouldn't deliver us the prize even though they were protecting it in the backyard of their own military academy, could somebody tell me what the fuck the purpose of that is?

Until lots of somebodies on their side start vocally condemning the radicalization of their death cult, oops, I mean "religion", (No, not scientology. Sheesh! Some people.)) it's just one more down, 1,649,999,999 to go.



Anonymous Sweet Pea said...

Charlie-Mike . . . Let's do it up right.

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