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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Idiotic Government Induced Revenge Effects

I call unintended consequences "Revenge Effects". Our completely worthless bureaucrats in DC are pushing a new campaign to "Look before you Lock" because distracted and stupid parents have killed a total of eight of their kids this summer by forgetting them in their cars.

Here's the beauty of the whole thing. It is the fucking government's fault for mandating that all fucking children must be shuttled around in the back fucking seat.

Distracted parents, so stupid that they shouldn't have been allowed to breed in the first God-damned place, are forgetting their kids in the car because they are too fucking busy texting or yapping on their phones to be bothered with being a fucking parent.

Here's my solution. Eliminate car seats. Eliminate air bags. Pay attention to your fucking worthless kids and driving and maybe you and your demonspawn will live to see another day. Stop relying on Big Brother to keep you safe.

Fucking morons.


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