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Saturday, May 20, 2006


Here i am. At the track again. Beautiful day. Going to be 90 or so with a !ight breeze. Hopefully the car runs better with the latest jets. We'll see.


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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Lizard Porn

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Looks like my tune-up was a tune-down. I red-lit in round two. So, I reset the timing and re-gapped the plugs and hopefully when the rain stops, i'll pick up my lost .5.

Running for the money..

Took round one. .007 R/T against a car running 11.64. He broke out trying to catch me after his .057.

Bird ran very poorly though. I think it was too cold from sitting almost 90 minutes between trials and round 1. I'm going to keep the dial a 14.63 for the next round.

Here we are again

At the track. Warmer and a lot more humid. Last two runs were 14.612 &14.613. Not too bad.

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No Wonder.....

The drivers down here suck.....

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Looks like the Email server for the Blog is down

My last several posts never made it. I'm going to try to update it now.