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Monday, June 01, 2015

Getting ready for the show

Power Tour is coming to town on June 12, so as I'm traveling a bunch lately, I figured it was time to see how the old girl cleaned up. I hit some of the light scuffs with ScratchX and then did the whole car with a Clay Bar. Then I hit it with spray on wax. I think it came out pretty good for about 2 hours of work.
 photo IMG_5615_zpsori6exro.jpg
 photo 344244d7-8417-434f-a407-28da89c19f37_zpstl6sjdc7.jpg
 photo IMG_5620_zps0vjc2k9v.jpg
 photo IMG_5618_zpsddbucgon.jpg
 photo IMG_5617_zpstgxe0x7c.jpg
 photo IMG_5616_zpsqqn4xuah.jpg