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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Incognito, Martin, and the collapse of the Family

This crap that is going on about the poor millionaires down in Miami is rather interesting to me. All of the mainstream commentators are missing a potentially significant point; That this whole thing is a hoax.

Given the level of divorce and outright illegitimacy in the black community in the US, why has no one asked if Martin grew up with a father figure in the household? That father figure is who would generally teach a maturing boy to handle problems like this. Martin is reacting like he was raised by women and always got whatever he wanted if he whined hard enough.

We have raised nearly two generations of ALL Americans who have been taught that everybody is equal and you are a winner even if you lose.

This is all bullshit. Some people are better at things than others. Some people learn faster than others. This is the case. Period. Children need to be taught that losing hurts and if you don't like it, then you need to improve yourself, not tear down others.

If you can't handle something, then find something else to do that you can. You can't all be astronauts or ballerinas. Your childish dreams mean nothing if you won't understand that you may suck at something and that IS your fault, not anyone else's.

My best guess is this 6'5" 325# weenie didn't like being away from mommy, and he and his family found a way to get him back home and make some money in the process.