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Monday, November 20, 2006

Good Grief Charlie Rangel....

How can you stand your own breath as much shit comes out of your mouth?

Once again, New York's favorite democrat is going to call for a draft to help even out what he believes is a great disparity of over-represented poor minorities in out all volunteer Army.

The data don't quite back up his claim. The poor and ethnic are mildly under-represented demographically within the Army today. Full report from the Heritage Foundation. Hat Tip - J. J. Miller at The Corner

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Crude oil prices are at their lowest levels since June 2005.

I read that and immediately had to check on relative gas prices to see if we're being screwed like the libs were howling about this summer or if it is actually market related pricing.

I found the 2005 and 2006 gas price data and whadaya know, we're currently within a dime/gallon of where the prices were in June 2005. Wow. Economics works.

I wonder if the new congressional leadership will take that information into account when the start their investigations into refiners' "price-gouging".

The dems are just pissed off that someone other than the government is making money. Al Gore advocated a $.50/gallon tax on gasoline back in 1992. So I guess it's OK for the government to cause high gas prices, but supply and demand should not be allowed to cause companies that provide goods and services with any profits.

Uncle Milton would not be proud.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Longing for the "Good Ol' Days"...

Is not something I usually do, as these days are by far the best I've ever had.

But every now and again something hits cloes to home and I realize that we've come quite a distance since my limited youth.

Putnam, CT man shot while standing in line at 3am for PlayStation3.

Read the whole article of the tales of this GAME's release and try not to wish just a little for kickball and cops & robbers.

Save the environment, Buy a Hummer.

Great article on actual energy impact of different types of vehicles.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

So it begins, part two....

US civilians captured in Iraq. Hmmmmm. Wonder what the new democrat congress will do. Lets pull out and go home. That'll stop the moslem hoard...

The backwards lunatics are kidnapping the contractors that are rebuilding the place. The Moslem nutbags will not be happy until we're all living in a 12th century desert.

I say let's provoke Iran.

Even I'll back a complete pullout of american troops if it is immediately followed by about 50 nuclear detonations. Problem solved.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Al Jazeera begins broadcasting in English.

Reuters, AP, BBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, New York Times and Washington Post file suit for plagiarism.....

More to come....

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Gee, who'da thunkit....

Commies elected to congress, terrorists abduct hundreds in Iraq to weaken the commies resolve further. Per-freakin'-fect.

As we should've done from the outset, "Rubble don't make trouble."

Monday, November 13, 2006

Woo Hoo! Yusuf Islam's latest album is out....

Don't know who (or what) that is?? Not surprising. That's why the dork is still using his original name, "Cat Stevens" for his website.

Well, mister Stevens, it's a wild world out there today, now that morning has broken in Iraq and none of your compatriots want to get on the peace train. Hopefully, you won't be any trouble if some of our finest fathers and sons make the first cut the deepest.

Get over yourself. And, by the way, Salman Rushdie says, "Hi."

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Veteran's Day

My thanks to all veterans. Where would we be if not for you?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Gotta wonder...

If anyone is talking to Lieberman about flopping to the republicans given that he basically holds the same views as Rudy Guliani and it's pretty obvious the democrats don't want much to do with him.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Boy, Joe's rubbing it in.

I'm listening to his victory speech. He just quoted scripture for over a minute. I bet the dems are beside themself.

Election eve thoughts.

I voted first thing this morning on my way home from work. I voted for 6 proposals that would block the state's ability to create new property taxes on cars, and other stuff, against a tax increase that wouldn't have affected me, and for the next town over to incorporate and start their own school system. Yippee.

Otherwise, it looks like we're going to be hearing a lot about how this election is a repudiation of the Bush doctrine. And the they'll say how they want to repeal the tax cuts. The tax cuts have been around for 6 years now. Why can't those intellectually dishonest pussies just say they want to jack up your taxes?

And to top that off, you'll hear a lot about how this was a referendum on the war. That's nice to say, but the last purported referendum on the war, Ned Lamont was just stomped by Joe Leiberman who holds the same view as Bush on the war.

Good thing politics doens't have to make sense.


Been reading The Corner at National Review Online this afternoon. Their site just got horribly slow. I wonder if they're being hit by a Denial of Service atack?

UPDATE: I was right. Their site is down. Classy commies, really classy.

Monday, November 06, 2006

N-uthin' B-ut C-ommercials

Holy crap. I thought NBC frigged up NASCAR with all its commercials. But then I watched the Sunday night football game last evening. It's a good thing that the NFL doesn't fine coaches like NASCAR does drivers and owners. Or Belichek would've probably been whacked for not making the obvious decision to review a touchdown that caused NBC to cut to a commercial and then cut back in the middle of the extra point kick, then cut right back to commercial.

If NBC actually ran NASCAR raaces like it does football games, the only time you'd see the cars was right after they caught up to the pace car when a caution was thrown. And then it would only be for about three seconds before they cut to another ad.


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Louisiana, One year later.

It's been just over a year since we closed on the house down here. So far so good. It smells a bit like winter this morning. Even looks a little like it. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Although, it is nearly 70 degrees this morning. It's a tough life, but somebody's got to live it.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Carrying on the doomsday vein...

Which building will be next? Personally I've never liked the Sears tower. And the Chrysler building is rather gaudy. And of course, Howard Dean and the rest of the nutbags will rejoice like ululating Islamist loons if the Whitehouse is taken out.

Oh well. At least we will have brought our troops home.

Maybe we can hope for a few vetoes?

If the republicans lose control of Congress, and it's beginning to look as if they may, I'm hoping that everyone has their wallets ready. The shmucks waiting in the wings to run this place are about to jack the tax rates on all those Rich people. (And by rich, they mean everyone who earns more thatn about $50k/year.) Plus with the non-renewal of the tax cuts, the stock market should crash as corporate profits are diverted into the black hole that is the federal government's coffers.

Let alone what pussy they'll decide to send to the UN in place of Bolton.We'll probably be right to pull our troops out of Iraq at that point as the UN will probably put them under Liby'as control and our new envoy will agree that we deserve it. Yippee. I can't wait.

Why couldn't Nancy Pelosi have been in Mary Jo Kopechne's seat in that car?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I concede. If Victor Davis Hanson thinks Kerry meant it. He meant it.

From The Corner at, posted at 8:35am.

KERRYISM, Victor Davis Hanson

Kerry surely must be one of the saddest Democratic liabilities around. Some afterthoughts about his latest gaffe, which is one of those rare glimpses into an entire troubled ideology:

(1) How could John Kerry, born into privilege, and then marrying and divorcing and marrying out of and back into greater inherited wealth, lecture anyone at a city college about the ingredients for success in America? If he were to give personal advice about making it, it would have to be to marry rich women. Nothing he has accomplished as a senator or candidate reveals either much natural intelligence or singular education. Today, Democrats must be wondering why they have embraced an overrated empty suit, and ostracized a real talent like Joe Lieberman.

(2) How could Kerry possibly claim that he was thinking of the uneducated in the context of George Bush, who, after all, went to Harvard and Yale?

(3) Some of the brightest and most educated Americans are not only in the military, but veterans of Iraq. Two of the best educated minds I have met-Col. Bill Hix and Lt. Col. Chris Gibson, both Hoover Security Fellows-were both Iraqi veterans. What is striking about visiting Iraq is the wealth of talent there, from privates to generals. Without being gratuitously cruel, the problem of mediocrity is not in the ranks of the military, but on our university campuses, where half-educated professors and non-serious students killing time are ubiquitous. Personally, I'd wager the intelligence of a Marine Corps private any day over the average D.C. journalist. Every naval officer I met at the USNA, without exception, seemed brighter than John Kerry, whose "brilliance", after all, has managed to offend millions of voters on the eve of a pivotal election. If the Democrats lose, it will be almost painful to watch the recriminations against Kerry fly.

(4) This is not the first, but third, time he has denigrated soldiers in the middle of a war-and there is a systematic theme: John Kerry's assumed superior morality allows him to pass judgment from on high about supposedly lesser folk who become tools of a suspect military: thus we go from limb-loppers and Genghis' hordes to terrorists to dead-beats. The only constant is that the haughtiness is always delivered in the same sanctimonious, self-righteous, and patronizing tone.

Read it all here.