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Friday, October 31, 2014

Boy. How time flies...

I've been remiss in updating this thing lately. Facebook proves to be to easy. So, it looks like I need to start to write over here again. In any case, I'm posting today from the Admirals Club at St. Louis, Missouri. Finally heading towards home after a whirlwind tour of Europe, Scandinavia and the subcontinent.

Well, actually, Mobile, McIntosh and Hannibal. Got a lot of good work done this week, but about an hour ago, my brain decided it was closing up shop. No amount of caffeine can pep me up at this point. So I've got a hotel in Mobile for the night and will be heading towards home after I rest.

Only travelling two days next week, three days the following, then have two weeks free prior to travelling the entire months of December beginning on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

And to think that six weeks ago I had no travel scheduled until the end of the year.