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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Preconceived notions

I've been seeing a bunch of big "G"s stuck to everything down here. I had thought, "Weird to be a bunch of Packers fans in Georgia."

Finally hit me. Georgia Tech may have a football team, too.

Quick pic

Sorry mom...

I had to do it. Great ride. No problems. Bike is in g-p's secured parking facility a block from the hotel. Currently in Hooters downtown Atlanta for dinner. Best ride to work ever. Now as long as the bike stays secure we're good to go!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New stuff for the bike.

My Aerostitch Roadcrafter just arrived. Got it on EBay for about 60% of new. It was actually first sold 10/11/1995 but is in immaculate shape. The seller claims it was only used once. I believe it as it is absolutely perfect.

I took it out today after I reinstalled the shoulder, elbow and knee pads. Got caught in the tropical storm for about 20 miles and with the addition of the Aerostitch boot covers, I didn't get at all wet. I'm rather impressed.

The Suit.

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The Storm.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Maybe they slaughter clients who disagree with their choice of highlight tint?

Che-chic comes to the SoapNet.

Just what we need. A reality show about hairdressera that unabashedly pimps for a communist murderer.

Welcome to "The Fashionista Diaries"

For reference: Che Guevara's Wikipedia entry.

Compare the hairstyles. Who'd've thought that scummy near-dreds could be turned into high fashion?