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Friday, June 16, 2006

On Father's Day.

I'm not very good at getting off my lazy ass to remember to mail a card on any occasion. Too many times I let things that don't mean much to me (but may mean more to others) pass without so much as a stray thought.

I found a well-written article that pretty much sums up a lot that I feel about families. Here is the first paragraph and a link if you'd like to read the whole thing.


"Father's Day is a day for honoring fathers. But I would like to take a step back and honor men as husbands. In our enlightened, liberated era, we have a tendency to overlook men as husbands, since the father is so often not the husband of the mother. But without some kind of connection between the man and the woman, there is quite literally, no child. I'd like to make the case that the most important thing fathers can do for their children is to love their mother. And likewise, among the many things mothers do for their children, one of the most important is that mothers love their children's father."

Thanks Dad, and Mom, for everything.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Is the Center for Science and the Public Interest Really this stupid?

Christ. These idiots have sued the parent copmpany of KFC to try to force them to stop using a frying oil that is so high in "trans-fats". This will save all those poor unfortunate people who are too dim to make informed decisions about the food they eat and then take responsibility for their own choices.

Let me see if I've got this straight. Trans-fats are the #1 problem facing eaters today? What are trans-fats anyway? Here's a little tidbit direct from the Wikipedia,

"Hydrogenation of edible oils was invented by the German chemist Wilhelm Normann, who patented the process in 1902. In 1909 Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati acquired the US rights to the Normann patent and in 1911 they began marketing Crisco, the first hydrogenated shortening, which contained a large amount of partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil. Further success came from the marketing technique of giving away free cookbooks with every recipe calling for Crisco. Hydrogenation strongly stimulated whaling, as it made it possible to stabilize whale oil for human consumption.

Ironically, public campaigns against saturated fat may have been a cause of increased consumption of trans fat. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) campaigned against fast foods using saturated fats starting in 1984. When fast food companies replaced the saturated fat with trans fat, CSPI's campaign against them ended. CSPI defended trans fats in their 1987 Nutrition Action newsletter. By 1992, CSPI began to speak against trans fats and is currently strongly against their use."

So, when these morons caused McDonalds to ruin their frys by switching from beef tallow to processed vegetable oil, they were actully just giving themselves something to stay busy with twenty years later.

Go home you fools.